1. salzedo/ballade0:00

  2. bach/andante0:00

  3. hovhaness/nocturne0:00

  4. caplet/divertissements: à la française0:00

  5. caplet/divertissements: à l'espagnole0:00

  6. al-zand/duet, mvmt. I: debut0:00

  7. al-zand/duet, mvmt. II: dalliance0:00

  8. al-zand/duet, mvmt. III: dance0:00

  9. al-zand/duet, mvmt. IV: denouement0:00

  10. harptallica/call of ktulu0:00

  11. oracle hysterical/alcestis: she woke up0:00

  12. oracle hysterical/alcestis: o sunlight0:00

  13. oracle hysterical/alcestis: now i see0:00

  14. oracle hysterical/alcestis: and we bathed0:00

  15. oracle hysterical/alcestis: i'll turn off all the lights0:00

  16. oracle hysterical/alcestis: now i fade away0:00

  17. oracle hysterical/alcestis: i remember the day0:00

  18. oracle hysterical/alcestis: now i gaze upon my former house0:00

  19. oracle hysterical/babinigar: father0:00

  20. Play/Pauseoracle hysterical/babinigar: stepsisters0:00

  21. oracle hysterical/babinigar: lament0:00

  22. oracle hysterical/babinigar: challenge0:00

  23. oracle hysterical/babinigar: promise0:00

  24. oracle hysterical/babinigar: dowry0:00

  25. oracle hysterical/babinigar: journey0:00

  26. oracle hysterical/babinigar: light0:00

  27. oracle hysterical/babinigar: dowry0:00

  28. oracle hysterical/babinigar: well0:00

  29. oracle hysterical/babinigar: end0:00

with orchestra

Click here to hear my performance of Handel's Harp Concerto with the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra [Houston].

solo harp

carlos salzedo: ballade, op. 28

johann sebastian bach (arr. grandjany): andante from violin sonata no. 2

live recordings:

  • alan hovhaness: nocturne
  • andré caplet: divertissements

chamber music

karim al-zand: duet [for harp & viola]

  • from Karim Al-Zand Chamber Music, Albany Records
  • viola: abhijit sengupta
  • click here to purchase

other projects

harptallica: live recordings

  • call of ktulu

oracle hysterical: alcestis and babinigar

  • voice: allison fletcher/doug balliett/elliot cole/ava cole | double bass: doug balliett | harmonium: elliot cole
  • more info here and here

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