performance, weddings & events

performance, weddings & events
I am available for recitals, orchestral and chamber work, weddings and
functions. I offer favorite wedding music, classical, light classical, popular
repertoire, religious music, and more--tailored to suit the client. Read
below for more information, or click here to contact me.
The harp's breathtaking looks and beautiful sound are ideal for weddings 
and functions. It is one of the most adaptable instruments, creating a 
unique atmosphere for each celebration. The harp can be transported to 
venues where there is no piano and fit where more instruments would not 
have room. Harp music doesn't need other instruments, but there are 
lovely ensemble combinations - try flute and harp, violin and harp, voice 
and harp or even a harp duo or quartet for a really spectacular impact. 
I’ve been performing regularly at weddings and events since the age of 
10, and have helped many brides and grooms choose music for their 
wedding ceremony that best reflects their unique personalities and 
desires. Although I am classically trained, and much of my repertoire is 
in that genre, I also play many other types of music and am willing to take 
requests if you have a favorite piece of music in mind. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to hire you for a wedding ceremony or an event? 
My price for wedding ceremonies and events varies due to many factors such as 
location, travel distances required, and the length of the ceremony or event. Please 
contact me with information about your event (including the date, location, etc.) and 
I’ll be happy to discuss my availability and give you a specific price quote. 

Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?
 I usually do not attend the wedding rehearsal, since the rehearsal is usually on a 
different day than the ceremony. However, for an additional fee and if schedules 
allow, I can make arrangements to attend the rehearsal if the client desires my 
presence - especially in the case of elaborate weddings with a lot of music and 
musicians where rehearsal is necessary. 
Will you play for my wedding or event if it is outdoors?
Playing the harp outdoors rapidly adds to the wear and tear on the instrument. 
Extreme temperatures and humidity levels are not great conditions for stringed 
instruments, and in some cases the weather can adversely affect the quality of the 
performance. Some harpists will not perform outdoors under any circumstances, 
and I do not usually perform outdoors in the winter monthsI have a few special 
provisions for outdoor events including a large level surface to position the harp on, 
out of direct sunlight, and preferably under some type of shelter. Under no 
circumstances will I perform outdoors in inclement weather. I require all of my 
outdoor gigs to provide an alternate inclement weather site prior to my accepting the 
Does the client need to provide anything such as a chair or stand?
I bring my harp, harp bench, music stand, and music to every solo gig. Other 
equipment (such as amplification) needs to be discussed in advance as I do not
always bring that equipment to every gig. 

Do you play continuously for the entire event?
For events lasting up to two hours, I require one 10-15 minute break. For events 
lasting up to three hours, I require 30 minutes of break time either in two intervals of 
15 minutes or three intervals of 10 minutes. Breaks are not an issue during wedding 
ceremonies as there are periods of rest for musicians throughout the ceremony. I do 
my best to take breaks at appropriate times, such as just prior to (and during)
speeches or presentations. With a little coordination and planning between the 
client and me, breaks can become a seamless part of the overall atmosphere of the 
How far will you travel for gigs?
I regularly travel to locations and venues in the areas surrounding Dusseldorf and Cologne, Germany. The cost of travel is included in my usual fees for locations within 100 kilometers of these metro areas. Travel to locations further than that may involve an additional mileage fee. 

What will you do should something (i.e. an emergency) prevent you from 
performing for a gig?
I sincerely hope that nothing prevents me from performing at your wedding or event. 
In unlikely event that an extremely urgent situation (such as an accident, death in the 
family, extreme sickness, etc.) prevents me from performing, I will arrange for a 
suitable and similar substitute based on availability. I know many other professional 
harpists in the areas where I perform, as well as numerous other professional 
musicians. I will do everything I can to find another harpist or professional musician 
to replace me. Should no other musicians be available on extreme short notice (i.e. 
car trouble en route), I will of course refund your money.