I am currently accepting students in the Dusseldorf area through my
private studio in the Altstadt, or in some cases I can travel to a student.
I accept students of all ages and skill levels, although some experience
reading music (and ideally, some background in piano) can be very
helpful. Learning the harp is a very enjoyable experience even at the
earliest stages—it’s difficult to make the harp sound bad! I teach the harp
to my students with an emphasis on practice, hard work, patience, having
fun, and enjoying music. I expect my students to have a strong desire to
learn how to play the harp well, to approach my suggestions with an open
mind, and to devote ample practice time between lessons to attempt new
ways of playing. 
Read below for more information, or click here to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to learn to play the harp?
Learning any instrument requires hard work and practice, just like learning 
how to dance or play a sport. I find that if the student is seriously 
interested and understands that learning to play the harp requires a time 
commitment on their part to practice everyday, most students usually have 
no trouble learning how to play the harp. It does take time to learn, 
however, and in the beginning time must be spent learning how to 
physically pluck the strings correctly to produce the best tone. Usually by 
the end of a semester the student has begun to master playing simple 
What age is appropriate to begin taking harp lessons?
My beginning students have ranged in age from as young as 5 years old 
to retired adults. I have no set specific age for young students to begin 
taking harp lessons, but there are some important factors I consider. The 
student must be able to properly sit behind their harp and comfortably 
reach the strings, their hands must be large enough to reach intervals of at 
least a 6th between the thumb and ring finger, and they must have a 
reasonable attention span for their age as well as good concentration 
Do I need to be able to read music before I begin studying harp?
While a previous knowledge of how to read music is helpful, it is not a 
prerequisite for admission to my studio. Learning to read music is an 
essential skill that I teach during harp lessons.
Do I need to own a harp?
Students must have a harp to practice on; I can assist you with a finding 
an appropriate harp for your individual needs. Lever harps and even 
some pedal harps are available for rent by various retailers, 
manufacturers, and individuals, and many of these sources require a 
teacher recommendation. I can assist you in finding and selecting a harp 
to purchase or rent. 
How much does a harp cost?
Good quality lever harps for students range in price from around 2.000 to 
over 5.000, pedal harps cost upwards of 12.000. I suggest looking 
directly at harp manufacturers and retailers sites to find specific prices. 
How much do harp lessons cost?
It is my policy that the first lesson is always free of charge. Please contact me
for more information on the cost of lessons.
How long are lessons?
I teach once weekly or bi-weekly lessons in time periods of 30 minute, 
45 minute, and 1 hour long lessons. Lesson length and frequency are 
determined by the student’s age & goals, and decided by mutual 
agreement between parents, the student, and myself. 
Can parents attend their student's lessons?
I encourage parents of younger students to sit quietly, observe lessons, 
and take notes. This way parents can see first hand the students’ 
progress, learn how and what the student needs to practice, and in turn 
parents can more effectively help with the practicing process at home. 
Older students, however, may not be comfortable with their parents 
observing the lesson, and I encourage this option as well because older 
students need to begin to learn the process of taking responsibility for their 
own practice skills.